Juice bars, gyms, restaurants, and shops all perfectly lined up on pedestrian-friendly streets overlooking the water sounds too good to be true. In a city where you need a car just to beat the heat when driving from your house a few blocks to the nearest grocery store, Sunset Harbour is heaven-sent. The waterfront neighborhood has everything you need to get through the day from morning ‘til night (and even dawn, if that’s what you’re after) all within walking distance. Restaurants: Soul Tavern, Sushi Garage Pubbelly Noodle Bar and Sushi, Lucali, Ice Box Cafe, Barceloneta, Dr. Smood, Stiltsville Fish Bar, Bio Bio Gelato, and Panther Coffee, just to name a few! Sunset Harbour is recognized as the mecca of fitness. With Anatomy Gym, Barry's Boot Camp, Fly Wheel, Greenmonkey, Sweat 440, Sobekick, and a plethora of personal trainers.

1201 20 ST #409, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139